Fullerton Avenue Traffic & Streetscape Improvement Committee

It is well recognized that streets have social and recreational functions which are severely impaired by car traffic. A well designed streetscape is integral to the vitality of a community, promoting pedestrian activity, reducing crime and enhancing appreciation of the character of the location.

During the OCP conceptual planning process for the Lower Capilano Village Centre, the need for both traffic calming and streetscape improvements to both Fullerton Avenue and Curling Road were widely recognized as essential to enhance public safety and the pedestrian experience on these streets.

Studies have found that residents of streets with light traffic had, on average, three more friends and twice as many acquaintances as the people on streets with heavy traffic which was otherwise similar in dimensions, income, etc.

Given these factors and our local conditions, and discussion with DNV staff, the executive board of the Capilano Gateway Association has formed the Fullerton Avenue Traffic and Streetscape Committee (FATSIC)to develop community views on the impact of traffic and the adjacent physical environment, and to develop a implementable plan for redevelopment, working with DNV staff and in partnership with owner/developers involved in planning the Lower Capilano Village Centre.

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